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Andrew Salerno-Garthwaite

Patriot missiles to Ukraine: US regaining escalation dominance?

What the transfer of Patriot missiles to Ukraine signifies for the delicate balancing act shaping the war with Russia.

Predictive maintenance in US military needs action: GAO

Predictive maintenance keeps more platforms combat ready, but the GAO has found the services to be lagging on this 20 year old policy.

US won’t let China take Taiwan chip-makers ‘intact’

While speculation continues over the fate of Taiwan’s semiconductor factories in the event of an invasion by Beijing, US Ambassador O’Brien emphasises the importance of denying China the chipmaking infrastructure.

Environmental pressures are reshaping the defence industry

The electrification of defence platforms is underpinning a global shift in environmental policy for defence.

Tanker aircraft procurement rises with the likelihood of global deployment

Tanker aircraft procurement is expected to rise as armed forces become more expeditionary.

Japan as the third global military power

Japan is building its military to new heights, but will ‘Bilateralism Plus’ have it taking up global security responsibilities?

Pound fall is putting UK military spending targets out of reach

Commitments to double defence spending were already ambitious before the pound slid to a historic low this week against the dollar.

Crewed-Uncrewed Teaming is driving global UAV surge

Advancements in open architecture are speeding the adoption of crewed-uncrewed UAV systems, and satisfying considerations around cost.

J-20 Chengdu: Mighty Dragon in the heart of China’s military modernisation

China is acquiring more J-20 stealth fighters as it looks to expand military budget by 7.2% annually for the next five years.

Air denial over supremacy: lessons from Ukraine

Air denial lessons learned in Ukraine against Russia challenge US Airforce doctrine of air supremacy.